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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Muiltifunctional Agriculture, women and Italy

Multifunctional agriculture? I like it - globalization leaves few small farms untouched and provides much for a common understanding.   http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/04/world/europe/growing-beyond-the-fields.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss

Saturday, December 17, 2011

AMI Research on Ontario Farm Planning Practices

Amazingly relevant survey of the business planning happening on farms across Ontario:
http://www.takeanewapproach.ca/farmers/our-research.aspx   Lots of relevance for all types of farming.

PPG - HR on the Farm Blog Expert

http://ppghr.com/blog/ - Lots of practical tips for big and small farm businesses

PPG - the art and science of human performance. PPG is an international consulting firm that specializes in employee engagement and performance for small- to medium-sized businesses.
PPG's HR Concierge Service delivers customized talent-management solutions using practical experience, analysis tools, and training and coaching programs. Our clients can mix and match the HR Concierge Service to their specific needs, which helps them achieve measurable and sustainable results, and allows them to focus on their other priorities, while experiencing the positive benefits that our services achieve.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Report: Building a Future With Farmers: Challenges Faced by Young, American Farmers and a National Strategy to Help Them Succeed

Surveyed 1,000 farmers from across the United States and found that access to capital, access to land and health insurance present the largest obstacles for beginners. Farmers rated farm apprenticeships, local partnerships and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as the most valuable programs to help beginners.

Incubator Farm - Prairie Crossing

Farm business development center incubator farm: http://www.prairiecrossingfarms.com/about.html

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Introducing the Wallace Center

The Wallace Center supports entrepreneurs and communities as they build a new, 21st century food system that is healthier for people, the environment, and the economy.
Our role is four-fold:
  • We build links in the growing and diverse network of food and farm innovators with events and communications that bring participants together.
  • We strengthen this network by gathering information from it and sharing participants’ learning through the network and with policy makers.
  • We prime the pump of change by monitoring the emergence of useful models and helping others adopt or adapt them.
  • We work to bring financial resources and other capacity-building support to good-food innovators.

Webinar:Clearing the Roadblocks: Market Based Strategies for Getting Good Food to All Communities

Another from the Wallace Center...

AgSquared - Planning monitoring it all on-line!


AgSquared is developing a set of online software tools that combine farm planning and management with automated record keeping to track all the details of your farm's operation so you don't have to.

Webinar: Internet technology for small farms


How can technology help get more healthy, fair, affordable, green food to consumers?
See five promising new technologies that help to get more Good Food into the food system. Each of these technologies represents a different method of bolstering regional food systems. The tools focus on the needs of many different actors in the food system: producers, aggregators, and even consumers.

Database of all Ontario products and services

Searchable by crop, activity, attraction and urban center:

The Source for Local


We are the largest and most comprehensive source for local including on-farm markets, pick-your-own, farmers' markets, farmgate honey producers, local meats, wineries, craft breweres, fairs and much more. And we are proud to be working directly with Ontario Farm Fresh and Farmers' Markets Ontario.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Considera.org - Homeopathy in Agriculture


For 25 years I've been fascinated by one approach to tending the land.
Biodynamic agriculture and horticulture, also known as biodynamics or BD, has a strong foundation of organic husbandry and the results are increasingly valued both ecologically and gastronomically. But the defining biodynamic techniques are currently off the scientific map: 'preparations' are potentised and spread on the land or put in compost, planting is done after considering the position of the Moon Sun and planets, and weed or pest peppers are created to mitigate their damage! Hmmmm....
For these 25 years I have been caught in this tension between feeling in my gut that something was 'right', but not finding it easy to use my rational filters to evaluate the means to these wonderful ends. I assume I am not alone in having this dilemma.  

Grass Run Farm - Local aggregation business for niche beef


We're farmers. We're a meat company. We are local foods.

At Grass Run Farm, we offer our region's best 100% grass-fed beef. We also market all-natural confinement-free "Fresh Air" pork. 
It's our responsibility to find sustainable markets for these products so that our local food system grows and flourishes, from the farmer to the consumer. We manage an inventory of both wholesale and retails cuts for food co-ops, restaurants, families, and institutions, alike.

The Carrot Project - Small Farm Financing

Welcome to The Carrot Project. We are a non-profit organization committed to creating financing solutions, capitalized by private investment, for small and midsized farms that:
  • use ecologically sensitive methods
  • are located in New England and contiguous counties in New York
  • sell their farm or value-added products to local and regional markets
The Carrot Project partners with farmers, lenders, investors, donors, and farm service providers to:
  • create and administer regional financing programs for farmers
  • provide investment opportunities in sustainable agriculture
  • provide or connect farmers with business planning technical assistance
  • collaborate on research and innovative thinking that contribute to a diverse and strong farm sector
For more detailed information, please explore this website and sign up for our e-newsletter.


Practical Farmers of Iowa - Webinars

Current list of available webinars - from technical production issues to business planning.

Founded in 1985, Practical Farmers of Iowa includes a diverse group of 1,500 farmers and friends of farmers.  Corn, soybeans, beef cattle and hay are the top enterprises for PFI farmers, although many have other operations, including fruits and vegetables. Our nonfarmer members believe that farmers can provide multiple benefits to society, including food and fiber, but also clean air and water and biodiversity on the land.
Our mission is to advance profitable, ecologically sound, and community-enhancing approaches to agriculture through farmer-led investigation and information sharing. Click here for our vision.
PFI specializes in farmer-to-farmer networking through our Cooperators’ Program, Field Days, Annual Conference, Grazing Clusters, Farminars, and more. Farmer members are the catalyst for the directions taken in our Program Areas (Field Crops, Horticulture, Grazing, Niche Pork, Next Generation, Poultry, and Policy).